Life is better with you in it

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Human beings go through all types of emotions. Emotions are what make us human. Make us real. The word Emotion stands for energy in motion. Be truthful about your emotions, and use your mind and emotions in your favour, not against yourself

Whenever you feel … Negative, Angry, Sad, Envy, Fear, Frustration, Fear, Hate & need a laugh this page is for you.

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How I Manage My Mental State

1. Activity

2. Eat well

3. Self talk

4. Trust

5. Set goals

6. Reach out to friends and family

7. Gratitude

8. sleep

9. Share with others

10. Do good deeds for others

10 Ways To Deal With Depression

1. Challenging negative thinking
Being able to recognize when depression is pulling you down is the first step toward recovery. When depressed, all sorts of negative thoughts can get stuck in our heads, so it’s important to be able to keep these in check
2. Shift your attention
If your mood is weighing you down to the point where it feels impossible to challenge your thoughts, then try taking a step back to concentrate on something else. This can be especially helpful when trying to deal with and overcome suicidal thoughts.Mindfulness exercises can be helpful in shifting attention away from negative thoughts
3. Set small Goals
Depression can make the simplest tasks seem daunting, so you’re going to have to work on breaking things down into small and concrete tasks. For example, instead of getting stuck thinking ‘how am I going to get to work everyday this week’, think about getting to work today, then break it down even further
4. Focus on the basics
Sleep, food, physical activity – do your best to keep on top of these as they can make a huge impact on your ability to successfully manage depression.Make sure to think ‘physical activity’ and not ‘exercise’. Going for a short walk, doing household chores, or anything that gets you up and moving counts. Getting outside and into the sun can also help
5. Keep doing things
This might seem hard at first, because you probably won’t have the same amount of energy you normally do, but part of fighting depression is simply giving your mind something else to think about (and a rest from depressed thoughts)
6. Reach out to friends and family
A lot of guys hide feeling depressed from the very people that could help the most. Talking about what’s causing you stress or bringing you down can help lessen the intensity of these thoughts. Give those closest to you a chance to help out
7. Talk to a therapist
Talking to a therapist about depression is like seeing a physical therapist after a serious leg injury. If you want to get the best advice possible, you need to talk to an expert
8. Keep some humour in your life
Finding ways to make yourself laugh provides your mind with a break from all the negative thoughts depression brings
9. Avoid or limit alcohol and other substance use
Some of the tips above are about coping with depression by distracting ourselves. Drinking and other substance use may feel like a way to distract, distance, or numb yourself from the pains of depression, but it isn’t a healthy way to do it and will always turn into a bigger problem
10. Give yourself credit
We know how hard it is to fight depression, so we cannot stress this enough – be proud of any steps and progress you make, even if it takes longer than you hoped. Recovering from depression takes time. The new habits and skills you learn now will you help throughout your life


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How To Stop Negative Thoughts.

Change your brain waves by spending 10 minutes a day breathing in sequence 6-3-9

When the negative thought comes up, say "not true"

Visualise positive situations instead, your brain doesn't Know what's reality and whats imaginary

Visualise the image of the thought shrinking until it disappear

Change your pattern of negative thinking by adding a new routine to your thought process: daily reflection, affirmation, or meditation

A Few Sayings.

Life is better
with you in it

Healthy Eating

"Its not a short term diet.

Its a long term change."

Healthy Living

"It's doesn't matter how slow you go.

As long as you don't stop."